The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum


It was probably inevitable that my web page about events in Dallas in 1963

would spark a few questions about

the George W. Bush Presidential Center

(aka, The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum)

which has now been built adjacent to the eastern edge of the SMU campus

and was dedicated on April 25, 2013:

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The decision to build the Presidential library on property owned by SMU

required the consent of the university's trustees

as well as the United Methodist Church

(which, technically, owns the university.)

The trustees were delighted, but the church was divided:

[ a UMC ministers' blog opposing the library/museum ]


I was vehemently opposed to the museum's being at SMU

because I felt that some policies of the Bush Administration

explicitly violated the most fundamental ethical codes

both of Christianity and of the university itself.

SMU's motto:  "Veritas Liberabit Vos"

[ SMU's President Gerald Turner explains the school's motto ]

After the South Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church

gave its - very divided - approval,

I defaced my diploma and sent it to SMU's president with a letter of explanation.


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The following week I received a very gracious letter from Gerald Turner in reply:

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