The Griffiths Go to New York - April 9-13, 2007


(Here's a wee diary of what we did -- plus some photos not included at the photo gallery - click HERE to see the gallery of 79 photos )

Monday, April 9th:

At 11:45 a.m., we met at the Delta Airlines counter at the Columbus airport,checked three BIG bags, and passed through the TSA security check. Then we had lunch at the A and W restaurant and waited to board the plane.

The plane (with lovely Rita, our "Miss Personality" flight attendant) left Columbus and arrived at JFK Airport on time.

A beautiful sunny day!

We took the "Airtrain" to Jamaica Station, bought five 7-day Metro passes, boarded the subway for Manhattan, and arrived at Penn Station.

We walked to Times Square (7th Avenue at 42nd Street) to catch the #1 subway to the American Youth Hostel at 103rd and Amsterdam (covered with plastic for renovation).

After checking in and finding our rooms,

- we ate across the street at a Mexican restaurant, then headed south toward the bright lights.

Getting off the subway at Columbus Circle,

we took note of the Trump Hotel and earth sphere sculpture, then walked across the bottom of Central Park toward 5th Avenue. . .

. . . then down 5th Avenue (by expensive stores and homeless people in cardboard boxes) to

St. Patrick's Cathedral - where we [very quietly] explored inside.

Then. . . across 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center -

- then into the GE Building and a flashy 70-floor elevator ride to the "Top of the Rock"

for a spectacular view of the city after dark.

From there we walked to Times Square and warmed up with coffee at MacDonalds.


Tuesday, April 10th:

Everyone got up early and ate breakfast in the hostel. We then walked three blocks east to Central Park and through a tiny section of it.

The guys then took the subway from 96th Street to Times Square, Ground Zero, and Battery Park. . .

. . .while the gals took the bus to Times Square.

At 2 p.m. we met up again to eat lunch,walk around Times Square, and take the first of three bus tours with Citysights - the "Downtown Loop."

"Joe" (in the bus that broke down)

Wednesday, April 11th:

Today we took THREE tours -- starting with the "Uptown Loop" which took us through Columbus Circle, up Central ParkWest, by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, John Lennon's home, Columbia University, Grant's Tomb, the Riverside Church, and through Harlem.

Then we walked to Pier 83 on the Hudson River and boarded a Circle Line Ferry for a harbor cruise -

- that took us beside the Statue of Liberty, around the bottom of Manhattan, under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, and up to the United Nations - and back.

After the cruise, we returned to the World Trade Center and Battery Park, where we watched hip-hop dudes play the crowds.

At night we took the "City Lights Tour" -- all the way to Brooklyn, where we viewed the night skyline from under the Brooklyn Bridge while eating home-made ice cream.

On the way back to our hostel, we encountered a subway mime angel handing out hearts.


Thursday, April 12th -

For the first time during the trip: Rain Rain and more Rain !

We took a 86th Street cross-the-park bus to the Metropolitan Museum of Art -

- - - after which we walked in the rain to 81st Street for a great Dallas BBQ lunch.

Everyone was so exhausted that we decided not to go to the Museum of Natural History

- but just to return to our hostel and rest before another night on the town.

About 7 p.m. we went back to Times Square so Zech and Shannon could put their friends' names in lights outside the Hershey Candy Store - -

- - but the lights were broken. . .

So. . . we took a subway to 5th Avenue, walked through the Apple Computer store and the lobby of the Trump Tower, and on down the avenue to the Disney Store -- which had closed at 4 p.m.

Returning to 103rd and Amsterdam, we bought fresh fruit at a deli. Then the kids went to the room while Sandee and Tom sat outside the hostel to chat and relax.

Friday, April 13th -

After eating breakfast, we checked out of the hostel and headed for Grand Central Station. . .

. . . where Eli and Tom sat on the luggage while Zech, Shannon, and Sandee walked to the Public Library and bought lottery tickets -

Then Tom and Shannon walked to the United Nations -

Finally, we took the "E" subway and Airtrain to JFK Airport and waited at Delta's Gate 23 for our flight back to Columbus.

" Mission Accomplished! "