SEPTEMBER 30, 2007

As a 65th birthday present to myself, I walked Fifth Avenue from Washington Square to 96th Street.

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5thAvenue001.JPG 5thAvenue002.JPG 5thAvenue003.JPG 5thAvenue004.JPG 5thAvenue005.JPG 5thAvenue006.JPG
5thAvenue007.JPG 5thAvenue008.JPG 5thAvenue009.JPG 5thAvenue010.JPG 5thAvenue011.JPG 5thAvenue012.JPG
5thAvenue013.JPG 5thAvenue014.JPG 5thAvenue015.JPG 5thAvenue016.JPG 5thAvenue017.JPG 5thAvenue018.JPG
5thAvenue019.JPG 5thAvenue020.JPG 5thAvenue021.JPG 5thAvenue022.JPG 5thAvenue023.JPG 5thAvenue024.JPG
5thAvenue025.JPG 5thAvenue026.JPG 5thAvenue027.JPG 5thAvenue028.JPG 5thAvenue029.JPG 5thAvenue030.JPG

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