September 30, 2007

As a 65th birthday present to myself, I walked Fifth Avenue from Washington Square to 96th St.

5thAvenue031.JPG 5thAvenue032.JPG 5thAvenue033.JPG 5thAvenue034.JPG 5thAvenue035.JPG 5thAvenue036.JPG
5thAvenue037.JPG 5thAvenue038.JPG 5thAvenue039.JPG 5thAvenue040.JPG 5thAvenue041.JPG 5thAvenue042.JPG
5thAvenue043.JPG 5thAvenue044.JPG 5thAvenue045.JPG 5thAvenue046.JPG 5thAvenue047.JPG 5thAvenue048.JPG
5thAvenue049.JPG 5thAvenue050.JPG 5thAvenue051.JPG 5thAvenue052.JPG 5thAvenue053.JPG 5thAvenue054.JPG
5thAvenue055.JPG 5thAvenue056.JPG 5thAvenue057.JPG 5thAvenue058.JPG 5thAvenue059.JPG 5thAvenue060.JPG

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