September 30, 2007

As a 65th birthday present to myself, I walked Fifth Avenue from Washington Square to 96th St.

5thAvenue061.JPG 5thAvenue062.JPG 5thAvenue063.JPG 5thAvenue064.JPG 5thAvenue065.JPG 5thAvenue066.JPG
5thAvenue067.JPG 5thAvenue068.JPG 5thAvenue069.JPG 5thAvenue070.JPG 5thAvenue071.JPG 5thAvenue072.JPG
5thAvenue073.JPG 5thAvenue074.JPG 5thAvenue075.JPG 5thAvenue076.JPG 5thAvenue077.JPG 5thAvenue078.JPG
5thAvenue079.JPG 5thAvenue080.JPG 5thAvenue081.JPG 5thAvenue082.JPG 5thAvenue083.JPG 5thAvenue084.JPG
5thAvenue085.JPG 5thAvenue086.JPG 5thAvenue087.JPG 5thAvenue088.JPG 5thAvenue089.JPG 5thAvenue090.JPG

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