September 30, 2007

As a 65th birthday present to myself, I walked Fifth Avenue from Washington Square to 96th St.

5thAvenue091.JPG 5thAvenue092.JPG 5thAvenue093.JPG 5thAvenue094.JPG 5thAvenue095.JPG 5thAvenue096.JPG
5thAvenue097.JPG 5thAvenue098.JPG 5thAvenue099.JPG 5thAvenue100.JPG 5thAvenue101.JPG 5thAvenue102.JPG
5thAvenue103.JPG 5thAvenue104.JPG 5thAvenue105.JPG 5thAvenue106.JPG 5thAvenue107.JPG 5thAvenue108.JPG
5thAvenue109.JPG 5thAvenue110.JPG 5thAvenue111.JPG 5thAvenue112.JPG 5thAvenue113.JPG 5thAvenue114.JPG
5thAvenue115.JPG 5thAvenue116.JPG 5thAvenue117.JPG 5thAvenue118.JPG 5thAvenue119.JPG 5thAvenue120.JPG

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