This page is for my trusted and loyal companion of fourteen years,  "Big Bear Dog" -- 

- - - 

I was on my way to a Friday night shift at Frisch's Big Boy Restaurant in Washington Court House, Ohio - November 1999 -

but for some now un-remembered "reason" I stopped at the Big Bear supermarket on the way to work. . . 

I overheard the woman in front of me in the check-out line say

that someone had rescued a puppy from the Lowe's warehouse parking lot, 

covered with grease from hiding under the trucks,

and that she (a secretary with Lowe's) had taken custody of it,

but that her apartment complex did not allow pets . . . 

so she would have to take the puppy to the Humane Society the next morning.

Although I was still grieving the loss of "Dexter" a couple of years earlier - a wonderful black labrador retriever,

I spontaneously said, "I will take the puppy. But - -  I won't be able to pick it up until after my shift at Frisch's,

some time after midnight. . . "

"Come as late as you need to," she said while scribbling her name, address, and phone number.

I called "Barbara" during my break -- and she was still up for the transfer,

so, about 12:30 a.m. I appeared at her apartment and met the puppy -- soon to be named after the supermarket:

"Big Bear Dog"

(but not very BIG, back then!)

[Where did all those years go?]

I will now simply post some of my favorite photos of Bear

(wishing that I'd taken many more photos than I did.)


When my niece visited the farm in October of 2012,

Lyssa and Bear "connected" immediately:


( I'll take some credit for that, actually, because when he was a puppy, I trained Bear for two things:

to go for the ditch immediately if he heard a car approaching on the road,

and to welcome with wagging tail any and all visitors to the farm. )

  "He never met a stranger!"

So, with astonishing consistency, Bear 'obeyed his master,' for fourteen years.


"SUCH a good dog!  SUCH a good dog!"




September 1999 - September 2013