How to Make Beer Can Butterflies

(...while you clean up the environment, get good exercise, commit minor vandalism, and have fun doing it!)

Unless you live on the moon, there are lots of aluminum beer and pop cans littering roads near YOU.


I use an extended claw to grab them up

-- along with glass and plastic bottles and other litter--

then bring everything home for sorting:

Select out the 'good' cans to make into butterflies.

Set aside crushed cans, bottles, and plastic to recycle later.

Rinse insides of the cans in bleach water. -- They can be really nasty.

Choose a weapon to cut off the tops.

(I saw them off with a steak knife. You'll quickly discover what tools work best for you.)

Using your choice of cutting tools, find the printed "seam" and cut it lengthwise.

Cut all around the bottom of the can.

Then, using a cardboard butterfly pattern,

trace the butterfly on the inside of the flattened can,

and cut it out.

I'd strongly advise 'real men' and everyone else

to wear gloves for all the cutting - even though I sometimes don't.

Save all the tops, bottoms, and scraps for recycling.

When you've made a few dozen butterflies, pack them up with a stapler and a supply of staples,

then return to the roads where you picked up the litter and staple them to telephone poles. [Dennis Brezina, founder of Aluminum Anonymous and inventor of the beer can butterfly, prefers to post them differently -- Please see the link to Dennis {below}.]

(I never post butterflies on poles or fence posts near people's homes.)

NOTE: Like drinking booze in a motor vehicle and littering,

attaching ANYTHING to a phone pole is illegal,

and may be considered vandalism.

I think of it as environmental education

- maybe even "public art" -

I'd love to hear about your adventures with this.

-- Send along a photo of your Bud-er-Flies and I'll add it (them) to this page! --

Special Note: Dennis Brezina is the inventor of the beer can butterfly and the founder of Aluminum Anonymous. Please click HERE to learn more about his important work and read his personal message.


"From a can that went bump in the night, to a butterfly silent and bright."

LIFE -- Love, protect, and enjoy it!