An email message from Dennis Brezina (8-18-06) - Founder of Aluminum Anonymous, creator of the first Beer Can Butterfly, and my inspiration:

I like your presentation. Quite thorough. Great initiative! There are a couple of points I might make but in a nuanced way, not in contradiction.

-- With so many beer cans on the roadsides, one can pick and choose those for cutting up. Select the cleanest ones to be soaked in bleach.

-- A stapled beer can will stay where you put it. A "velcroed" can is detachable and could have a message on the back. (I'll send along a velcro snippet with the "butterfly something" mailing.)

-- A good pair of scissors can cut up the cans as well. Try to get the logos of the brewery centered on each wing.

-- A "flock" of butterfly beer cans can have an artistic impact, possibly for a school project -- e.g., collecting before and after a homecoming weekend to see if rates of discard around a school have increased.

-- I call what you are doing part of "roadside archeology." You're connecting the dots from what is out there, to who is doing the littering, to what can be done about it...

Coincidentally, I had a "butterfly something" I was going to send to you. It will be in the mail shortly. I may have more comments but that's it for now.

Good luck with this... A link to my e-mail address will be great as I have no website.


During the mid-1990's, Dennis and Debbie Brezina made a 50-state litter tour, conducted hundreds of on-site statistical surveys on the composition of roadside litter, and "connected the dots" between drinking-driving-littering. . . especially as these relate to teenagers all over America.

Dennis has lobbied for and advocated multiple statutory and educational programs to deal with these inter-connected issues. He has been recognized in the national media and honored by the legislatures of several states for his dedicated and important work .

A partial list of his many accomplishments may be found HERE.

During their national litter-survey tour, Debbie and Dennis visited my farm in southern Ohio.

Here's Dennis posting beer can butterflies along our road: