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Washington, DC and New York - 02/2006

Visit to my brother's home - Longview, Washington - 04/2006

Return to Jim McLaren's 'Wilderness Family' homestead - Tucannon Valley, WA - 03/2006

Return to Steve Fisher's home in Anchorage, Alaska - 09/2006

Scotland - 09/2006

The Griffiths Visit the Big Apple - April 2007

Halifax, Nova Scotia - 07/2007

Hiking Fifth Avenue, New York on my 65th Birthday - 09/2007

First Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge - 09/2007

New York - 06/2008

New York - Central Park - 06/2008

Museum of Natural History, New York - 09/2008

Central Park and the Museum of Modern Art - New York - 09/2008

New York - GINA Gallery - Museum of Natural History - 09/2008

Wall Street, New York - September 29, 2008

Panama - 11/2008

Gulf Shores, Alabama - 03/2010

New York with Lainey and Mary - 05/2010

Chicago - September 2011

Chicago - October 2013


Photos from Around the Farm

How Tom Made His Home-Made Home

Living Simply on Dogtown Road

Tree Murder - 09/2006

Destruction of the Forest - 08/2008

House Fire - 10/2008

Destruction of the Old Trailer

Robbie Demonstrates His Drone

How to Make Beer Can Butterflies


Why My Friend Byrd Helligas Lied to the Warren Commission

50 Years after the assassination, it was still a mystery to me why the associate pastor of the Unitarian Church in Dallas - a personal friend - had lied to the FBI about his connection to Lee Harvey Oswald.  Here's how I solved the mystery:

Connecting the Dots

Bush Library at SMU


Peace Activities in Circleville

Reading the Names of the Fallen - 03/2007

Honking for Peace - US 22 East

Silent Worship with Friends (Circleville Friends Worship Group website)


Bear Dog, my faithful companion from September 1999 to September 2013


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