A Closer Look

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Microscope and camera


Wasp's foot:


Wasp's wing (helicon focus):

Stinkbug foot:


Stinkbug wings:


Stinkbug antenna and "knee" joints:


Epithelial cells inside cheek:                Drop of rainwater:                                Mold spores:


 Spider "knee":




Dandelion stamen


Bluejay feather (for Jess)


Cherry blossom stamen


Little white flower stamen (garlic-mustard):


Little blue flower pistil:



Beetle foot:


Ant foot:


Dandelion seed and seed's "parachute":


Miscellaneous Insects from Fly Catcher Tray






Mysterious Creatures

 (later identified as a Stellate Trichome - plant - which has been identified in 90 million-year-old amber)


Sunday May 13 - I find my first living creatures in the rainwater/soil mix:

A nest of Rotifers:  http://hermitdog.com/microscope/Nest.mp4  (4 minutes)

A very frisky Rotifer:  http://hermitdog.com/microscope/Rotifer_1.mp4  (4 minutes)







Wild Daisy




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