Links to My DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone Videos

Neighbors to the West

Drone Watches Geese Watching Drone

Flying over the Cowan Lake Spillway

Twilight Flight to Egypt Pike

Over the Stream to the Bridge

Band Practice

Flying West from Bridge to Dogtown

Rocky Fork Lake Spillway

Sunset at 400 Feet

Tom and Charlie at the House of Thai

Obstacle Avoidance on the Scioto River

Bridge Street Bridge

With a Buckeye Fan in Portsmouth, Ohio

A Barge Comes Upstream and I Escape from the Rain

Flying over Paint Creek in Ross County, Ohio


On Saturday, October 13, I lost my Mavic 2 Zoom in the Buzzards' Roost Gulch south of Chillicothe.

Here's a graphic explaining how I lost it (click on thumbnail):

The next day I ordered a new DJI Mavic Pro for less than half the price of the M2. 

It arrived on October 20, and I spent most of the weekend

learning how to fly it and getting the settings right. 

It's called getting back on [ a less expensive version of ] the horse that threw ya.

First Mavic Pro Flight to the Bridge - October 21

First Mavic Pro Orbit - The Homestead

Flying from the Bridge over the Stream - with Full Magnification

That flight over the stream was flown manually.    The next flight was entirely autonomous.

Using the Litchi Mission Hub, while sitting in my living room, 

I designed a 26-waypoint flight and flew it two days later:

Flying Upstream to the Bridge - 100% autonomous flight

After a minor stint at the drone repair shop, the bird flew upstream again,

this time at a safer altitude:

Revised Waypoints Mission Upstream

Waypoints Mission to George's Mess

Litchi Waypoints Mission Over Paint Creek

Sunny Day in Portsmouth on the Ohio

Sunset Strobe Test - December 30th

First Overlay Video Edited in VideoPad

Out for a casual late afternoon flight, I came upon four country boys [maybe girls - or women] on their ATV's

so I followed them:

Chasing Four ATV's

To the Skinny-Dipping Creek

8 Inches of Snow - January 13

Before Snow - After Snow

Snow Storm Plus Three Days

February 3 - Following four days of sub-zero polar vortex, a warm Sunday afternoon:

Triangle Bike Trail - Washington Court House

Walmart Distribution Center - WCH

Fog Ceiling - 400 feet