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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 2.0K [IMG] dandelion seed 4x sm..> 04-May-2018 12:24 2.5K [IMG] Housefly leg 4x smal..> 11-May-2018 13:18 2.6K [IMG] cherry blossom stame..> 28-Apr-2018 16:44 2.6K [IMG] Stinkbug knee 4x_sma..> 10-Apr-2018 15:00 2.7K [IMG] Spider knee joint 10..> 20-Apr-2018 08:41 3.5K [IMG] Stinkbug knee 10x_sm..> 10-Apr-2018 14:50 4.0K [IMG] feather_4x small.png 28-Apr-2018 11:22 4.0K [IMG] Housefly foot 40x sm..> 11-May-2018 13:18 4.2K [IMG] Housefly foot 16x sm..> 11-May-2018 13:18 4.2K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 4.4K [IMG] Stinkbug inner wing ..> 20-Apr-2018 08:41 4.6K [IMG] Spider knee joint 40..> 20-Apr-2018 08:41 4.7K [IMG] tick 4x.small.png 01-Jun-2018 14:49 4.7K [IMG] Little white flower ..> 30-Apr-2018 16:15 5.0K [IMG] Housefly wing 16x sm..> 11-May-2018 13:18 5.4K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 5.5K [IMG] beetle foot 4x small..> 01-May-2018 13:20 5.6K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 12-Apr-2018 14:20 5.8K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 6.0K [IMG] Housefly wing 4x sma..> 11-May-2018 13:18 6.2K [IMG] Housefly wing 40x sm..> 11-May-2018 13:18 6.3K [IMG] Stinkbug inner wing ..> 20-Apr-2018 08:41 7.1K [IMG] cockroach foot 4x sm..> 15-May-2018 09:52 7.1K [IMG] chicory_small.png 26-Jun-2018 10:47 7.3K [IMG] wasp_foot_10x_small.png 20-Apr-2018 08:41 7.3K [IMG] stinkbug_leg_small.png 20-Apr-2018 08:41 7.4K [IMG] tray beetle foot 4x ..> 08-May-2018 13:41 7.5K [IMG] cockroach antenna 4x..> 17-May-2018 14:37 7.8K [IMG] unknown 4x small.png 10-May-2018 10:15 8.1K [IMG] bluejay feather phot..> 28-Apr-2018 11:21 8.2K [IMG] Wild lily small.jpg 01-Jul-2018 15:04 8.3K [IMG] wasp_foot_20x_small.png 20-Apr-2018 08:42 8.4K [IMG] feather 10x small.png 28-Apr-2018 11:21 8.5K [IMG] wasp_4x_small.png 20-Apr-2018 08:41 9.1K [IMG] gnat on finger small..> 19-Jul-2018 14:08 9.2K [IMG] ant foot 4x small.png 04-May-2018 09:07 9.2K [IMG] trichome_4.small.png 29-May-2018 08:03 9.6K [IMG] spider_knee_joint_4x..> 20-Apr-2018 14:28 9.6K [IMG] cherry blossom 10x s..> 28-Apr-2018 16:44 9.9K [IMG] Outer_wing_4x_small.png 10-Apr-2018 07:42 10K [IMG] Little blue flower s..> 29-Apr-2018 14:17 10K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 4x..> 22-May-2018 15:56 10K [IMG] salt 10x_small.png 20-Apr-2018 09:26 10K [IMG] cockroach knee 16x s..> 15-May-2018 10:44 10K [IMG] misc foot 4x small.png 07-May-2018 10:08 11K [IMG] beetle foot 16x smal..> 01-May-2018 13:20 11K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 11K [IMG] wasp_foot_helicon_sm..> 20-Apr-2018 08:42 11K [IMG] stinkbug_wingtip_4x_..> 20-Apr-2018 08:41 12K [IMG] camera_small.png 20-Apr-2018 08:40 12K [IMG] feather 25x small.png 28-Apr-2018 11:21 12K [IMG] Mold spores 40x PC_s..> 20-Apr-2018 08:40 12K [IMG] salt 20x_small.png 20-Apr-2018 09:27 12K [IMG] 7-armed creature 16x..> 12-May-2018 16:10 12K [IMG] unknown 16x small.png 10-May-2018 10:15 12K [IMG] salt 4x_small.png 20-Apr-2018 09:29 13K [IMG] cockroach antenna 40..> 17-May-2018 14:37 13K [IMG] Morning glory anther..> 27-Jun-2018 10:34 13K [IMG] microscope_small.png 20-Apr-2018 08:40 13K [IMG] Cherry blossom small..> 28-Apr-2018 16:44 13K [IMG] moss 16x small.png 01-Jul-2018 14:57 13K [IMG] Epithelialx phase co..> 15-Apr-2018 15:03 14K [IMG] unknown2 16x small.png 10-May-2018 10:16 14K [IMG] ant foot 16x small.png 04-May-2018 09:07 14K [IMG] queen annes lace sma..> 08-Jun-2018 13:18 14K [IMG] Beetle foot 40x smal..> 01-May-2018 13:20 14K [IMG] salt 40x_small.png 20-Apr-2018 09:28 14K [IMG] cockroach knee 4x sm..> 15-May-2018 10:08 14K [IMG] feather 40x small.png 28-Apr-2018 11:21 14K [IMG] coleus flower_small.png 26-May-2018 17:19 14K [IMG] ant foot 40x small.png 04-May-2018 09:07 14K [IMG] white flower pollen ..> 29-Apr-2018 14:18 14K [IMG] creature2 16x small.png 12-May-2018 16:10 14K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 4x_..> 23-Apr-2018 11:13 14K [IMG] Stinkbug_foot_10x_sm..> 20-Apr-2018 08:41 14K [IMG] chicory pistil 4x sm..> 26-Jun-2018 10:39 15K [IMG] misc foot 16x small.png 08-May-2018 13:40 15K [IMG] lily stamen 16x smal..> 01-Jul-2018 14:56 15K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 40..> 22-May-2018 15:56 15K [IMG] cockroach foot 16x s..> 15-May-2018 09:51 15K [IMG] fly foot 60x.small.png 03-Jun-2018 15:03 15K [IMG] Misc tray small.png 06-May-2018 17:15 15K [IMG] 7-armed creature 40x..> 12-May-2018 16:10 15K [IMG] tick head 16x small.png 01-Jun-2018 14:40 15K [IMG] tick head 10x small.png 01-Jun-2018 14:40 15K [IMG] Mold spores 40x Zeis..> 20-Apr-2018 08:40 15K [IMG] Rainwater 40x PC_sma..> 20-Apr-2018 08:41 15K [IMG] water leaves 16xsmal..> 02-Jun-2018 18:26 15K [IMG] queen annes lace sta..> 08-Jun-2018 13:27 16K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 10..> 22-May-2018 15:55 16K [IMG] vorticella_4_small.png 26-May-2018 17:46 16K [IMG] unknown2 40x small.png 10-May-2018 10:16 16K [IMG] Coleus pistil 10x sm..> 26-May-2018 17:19 16K [IMG] lily stamen 10x smal..> 01-Jul-2018 14:56 16K [IMG] chicory 60x small.png 26-Jun-2018 10:54 16K [IMG] parachute 4x small.png 04-May-2018 12:24 16K [IMG] white flower stamen ..> 29-Apr-2018 14:18 16K [IMG] Coleus pistil 16x_sm..> 26-May-2018 17:21 16K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 16..> 22-May-2018 15:56 16K [IMG] cockroach wingtip 4x..> 17-May-2018 14:37 16K [IMG] Little white flower ..> 29-Apr-2018 14:17 16K [IMG] honeysuckle small.png 20-May-2018 12:54 16K [IMG] quuen anns lace poll..> 08-Jun-2018 13:19 16K [IMG] cherry blossom 20x s..> 28-Apr-2018 16:44 16K [IMG] queen annes lace 60x..> 08-Jun-2018 13:17 17K [IMG] cockroach antenna 16..> 17-May-2018 14:37 17K [IMG] honeysuckle_anther 4..> 20-May-2018 12:54 17K [IMG] unknown 40x small.png 10-May-2018 10:15 17K [IMG] Mosquito larva eye 1..> 23-Jun-2018 12:37 17K [IMG] parachute 16x small.png 04-May-2018 12:24 17K [IMG] lily stamen 40x smal..> 01-Jul-2018 14:56 17K [IMG] didinium_small.png 16-Jun-2018 09:32 17K [IMG] cockroach wing 4x sm..> 18-May-2018 12:12 17K [IMG] vorticella_3_small.png 14-May-2018 07:06 17K [IMG] 7-armed creature 100..> 12-May-2018 16:10 17K [IMG] creature2 40x small.png 12-May-2018 16:10 17K [IMG] misc wing 4x small.png 06-May-2018 17:16 17K [IMG] gnat wing 16x small.png 19-Jul-2018 12:05 17K [IMG] chicory pistil 40x s..> 26-Jun-2018 10:28 17K [IMG] Morning glory anther..> 27-Jun-2018 10:34 17K [IMG] Morning glory pollen..> 27-Jun-2018 10:35 17K [IMG] morning glory small.png 27-Jun-2018 10:43 17K [IMG] Little blue flower s..> 29-Apr-2018 14:17 17K [IMG] Mosquito larva midse..> 23-Jun-2018 12:37 18K [IMG] Little blue flower s..> 29-Apr-2018 14:17 18K [IMG] gnat wing 40x small.png 19-Jul-2018 12:48 18K [IMG] chicory pistil 16x s..> 26-Jun-2018 10:27 18K [IMG] misc wing 40x small.png 06-May-2018 17:16 18K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 10x..> 23-Apr-2018 11:12 18K [IMG] water_plant_2_small.png 26-May-2018 17:51 18K [IMG] honeysuckle_anther 1..> 20-May-2018 12:54 18K [IMG] Mosquito larva tails..> 23-Jun-2018 12:37 18K [IMG] trichome_2_small.png 26-May-2018 17:38 18K [IMG] queen annes lace.4x ..> 08-Jun-2018 13:18 18K [IMG] Mosquit larva neck s..> 23-Jun-2018 12:37 19K [IMG] honeysuckle_anther 4..> 20-May-2018 12:54 19K [IMG] queen annes lace 40x..> 08-Jun-2018 13:17 19K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 40x..> 23-Apr-2018 11:12 19K [IMG] misc wing 16x small.png 06-May-2018 17:15 19K [IMG] water leaves 40x.sma..> 02-Jun-2018 18:27 19K [IMG] lily pistil 40x smal..> 01-Jul-2018 14:56 19K [IMG] cockroach foot 40x s..> 15-May-2018 09:51 19K [IMG] wasp_wing_small.png 20-Apr-2018 08:42 20K [IMG] fly wing3 4x small.png 12-May-2018 09:08 20K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 40x..> 23-Apr-2018 11:53 20K [IMG] lily pistil 16x smal..> 01-Jul-2018 14:55 20K [IMG] lily pistil 10x smal..> 01-Jul-2018 14:55 20K [IMG] gnat wing tip 16x sm..> 19-Jul-2018 14:19 20K [IMG] fly wing4 4x small.png 12-May-2018 09:25 20K [IMG] cockroach wingtip 16..> 17-May-2018 14:37 20K [IMG] stellate_trichome_sm..> 26-May-2018 17:22 20K [IMG] trichome_3_small.png 26-May-2018 17:39 20K [IMG] cockroach wing 16x s..> 18-May-2018 12:12 21K [IMG] gnat_4x_small.png 19-Jul-2018 11:48 21K [IMG] stink_bug_photo_smal..> 20-Apr-2018 12:16 22K [IMG] fly wing2 16x small.png 12-May-2018 09:08 22K [IMG] Stylonychia_small.png 29-May-2018 07:10 22K [IMG] moss 40x small.png 01-Jul-2018 14:57 22K [IMG] parts of flower.png 29-Apr-2018 16:17 23K [IMG] wild daisy small.png 22-May-2018 15:55 23K [IMG] white flower small.png 29-Apr-2018 15:45 25K [IMG] blue flower small.png 29-Apr-2018 15:45 27K [IMG] coleus_small.png 31-May-2018 08:21 28K [TXT] images.htm 19-Jul-2018 14:28 49K [IMG] Housefly leg 4x.jpg 11-May-2018 13:18 50K [IMG] Housefly foot 40x.jpg 11-May-2018 13:18 56K [IMG] dandelion seed 4x.png 04-May-2018 12:24 60K [TXT] microscope.html 19-Jul-2018 14:26 60K [IMG] Housefly foot 16x.jpg 11-May-2018 13:18 70K [IMG] diatoms.png 10-Apr-2018 08:36 85K [IMG] Housefly wing 40x.jpg 11-May-2018 13:18 94K [IMG] cherry blossom stame..> 28-Apr-2018 16:44 97K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 104K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 113K [IMG] blue flower.png 29-Apr-2018 15:45 129K [IMG] tick 4x.png 01-Jun-2018 14:40 132K [IMG] Housefly wing 16x.jpg 11-May-2018 13:18 137K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 12-Apr-2018 14:20 141K [IMG] Spider knee joint 40..> 17-Apr-2018 15:41 150K [IMG] Stinkbug knee 4x.jpg 10-Apr-2018 14:50 152K [IMG] Spider knee joint 10..> 17-Apr-2018 15:41 152K [IMG] microscope_large.png 20-Apr-2018 09:14 166K [IMG] feather_4x.png 28-Apr-2018 12:07 167K [IMG] Stinkbug knee 10x.jpg 10-Apr-2018 14:50 168K [IMG] Housefly wing 4x.jpg 11-May-2018 13:18 177K [IMG] camera_large.png 20-Apr-2018 09:19 179K [IMG] Spider knee joint 40..> 17-Apr-2018 17:00 192K [IMG] Little white flower ..> 30-Apr-2018 16:09 197K [IMG] tray beetle foot 4x.png 08-May-2018 13:41 208K [IMG] unknown 4x.png 10-May-2018 10:15 211K [IMG] morning glory.png 27-Jun-2018 10:43 222K [IMG] beetle foot 4x.png 01-May-2018 13:20 228K [IMG] cockroach foot 4x.png 15-May-2018 09:52 235K [IMG] Stinkbug inner wing ..> 09-Apr-2018 11:35 249K [IMG] honeysuckle.png 20-May-2018 12:54 263K [IMG] Stylonychia.png 29-May-2018 07:09 269K [IMG] white flower.png 29-Apr-2018 15:45 273K [IMG] cockroach antenna 4x..> 17-May-2018 14:37 275K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 4x..> 22-May-2018 15:56 291K [IMG] chicory.jpg 26-Jun-2018 10:38 291K [IMG] Stinkbug inner wing ..> 09-Apr-2018 12:32 310K [IMG] bluejay feather phot..> 28-Apr-2018 12:43 311K [IMG] cockroach knee 16x.png 15-May-2018 10:44 318K [IMG] coleus flower.png 26-May-2018 17:19 325K [IMG] coleus.png 31-May-2018 08:22 329K [IMG] trichome_4.png 29-May-2018 08:03 342K [IMG] cherry blossom 10x.png 28-Apr-2018 18:49 354K [IMG] wild daisy.png 22-May-2018 15:56 358K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 370K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:18 377K [IMG] beetle foot 16x.png 01-May-2018 13:20 386K [IMG] unknown 16x.png 10-May-2018 10:15 404K [IMG] ant foot 4x.png 04-May-2018 09:07 412K [IMG] misc foot 4x.png 07-May-2018 10:09 413K [IMG] feather 10x.png 28-Apr-2018 11:21 429K [IMG] Little blue flower s..> 30-Apr-2018 18:26 433K [IMG] creature 16x.png 12-May-2018 16:07 463K [IMG] Stinkbug_foot_large.png 09-Apr-2018 11:31 469K [IMG] stink_bug_photo.png 20-Apr-2018 12:16 487K [IMG] Cherry blossom.png 28-Apr-2018 16:45 489K [IMG] cockroach antenna 40..> 17-May-2018 14:37 495K [IMG] tick head 10x.png 01-Jun-2018 15:30 503K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 4x.png 23-Apr-2018 11:13 508K [IMG] 7-armed creature 16x..> 12-May-2018 16:06 531K [IMG] creature2 16x.png 12-May-2018 16:07 541K [IMG] cockroach knee 4x.png 15-May-2018 10:08 548K [IMG] ant foot 40x 2.png 04-May-2018 09:07 550K [IMG] gnat_4x.png 19-Jul-2018 11:49 569K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 16..> 22-May-2018 15:56 571K [IMG] ant foot 16x.png 04-May-2018 09:07 579K [IMG] water leaves 16x.png 02-Jun-2018 18:27 583K [IMG] moss 16x.png 01-Jul-2018 14:57 586K [IMG] Beetle foot 40x.png 01-May-2018 13:20 596K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 40..> 22-May-2018 15:56 598K [IMG] misc foot 16x.png 08-May-2018 13:40 605K [IMG] parachute 4x.png 04-May-2018 12:25 618K [IMG] unknown2 16x.png 10-May-2018 10:16 621K [IMG] vorticella_4.png 26-May-2018 17:46 622K [IMG] tick head 16x.png 02-Jun-2018 07:06 624K [IMG] gnat on finger.png 19-Jul-2018 14:09 627K [IMG] wasp_foot_helicon_la..> 09-Apr-2018 12:34 630K [IMG] cockroach foot 16x.png 15-May-2018 09:52 631K [IMG] feather 40x.png 28-Apr-2018 11:22 631K [IMG] Wild lily.jpg 01-Jul-2018 15:05 648K [IMG] feather 25x.png 28-Apr-2018 11:22 654K [IMG] Morning glory anther..> 27-Jun-2018 10:35 662K [IMG] unknown2 40x.png 10-May-2018 10:16 668K [IMG] cockroach wing 4x.png 18-May-2018 12:12 671K [IMG] didinium.png 16-Jun-2018 09:33 671K [IMG] Coleus pistil 10x.png 26-May-2018 17:21 673K [IMG] cockroach wingtip 4x..> 17-May-2018 14:38 674K [IMG] white flower pollen ..> 29-Apr-2018 14:19 678K [IMG] Coleus pistil 16x.png 26-May-2018 17:21 682K [IMG] spider_knee_joint_4x..> 17-Apr-2018 15:41 699K [IMG] 7-armed creature 40x..> 12-May-2018 16:07 700K [   ] chicory pistil 4x 26-Jun-2018 10:29 701K [IMG] wild daisy pollen 40..> 22-May-2018 15:56 710K [IMG] parachute 16x.png 04-May-2018 12:25 710K [IMG] queen annes lace.4x.png 08-Jun-2018 13:18 712K [IMG] Mosquito larva eye 1..> 23-Jun-2018 12:37 717K [IMG] wasp_4x_large.png 09-Apr-2018 09:33 724K [IMG] lily stamen 16x.png 01-Jul-2018 14:57 736K [IMG] wild daisy stamen 10..> 22-May-2018 15:56 740K [IMG] unknown 40x.png 10-May-2018 10:16 741K [IMG] queen annes lace 60x..> 08-Jun-2018 13:18 743K [IMG] cockroach antenna 16..> 17-May-2018 14:37 750K [IMG] cherry blossom 20x.png 28-Apr-2018 16:45 750K [IMG] creature2 40x.png 12-May-2018 16:07 761K [IMG] white flower stamen ..> 29-Apr-2018 14:19 772K [IMG] cockroach wingtip 16..> 17-May-2018 14:38 773K [IMG] 7-armed creature 100..> 12-May-2018 16:06 780K [IMG] Mosquito midsection.png 23-Jun-2018 14:15 783K [IMG] lily stamen 40x.png 19-Jul-2018 11:15 785K [IMG] queen annes lace sta..> 08-Jun-2018 13:19 789K [IMG] Mosquit larva neck s..> 23-Jun-2018 12:37 796K [IMG] Mosquito larva tails..> 23-Jun-2018 12:38 796K [IMG] vorticella_3.png 15-May-2018 06:32 807K [IMG] fly foot 60x.png 03-Jun-2018 15:47 811K [IMG] misc wing 16x.png 06-May-2018 17:16 811K [IMG] honeysuckle_anther 4..> 20-May-2018 12:55 821K [IMG] chicory 60x.png 26-Jun-2018 10:54 833K [IMG] water_plant_2.png 27-May-2018 12:38 836K [IMG] misc wing 4x.png 06-May-2018 17:17 837K [IMG] Morning glory anther..> 27-Jun-2018 10:35 840K [IMG] lily stamen 10x.png 01-Jul-2018 14:56 846K [IMG] queen annes lace 40x..> 08-Jun-2018 13:18 851K [IMG] Little blue flower s..> 30-Apr-2018 18:27 852K [IMG] chicory pistil 4x.png 26-Jun-2018 10:39 854K [IMG] gnat wing 16x.png 19-Jul-2018 12:06 868K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 10x..> 23-Apr-2018 11:20 875K [IMG] chicory pistil 40x.png 26-Jun-2018 10:29 875K [IMG] honeysuckle_anther 1..> 20-May-2018 12:54 879K [IMG] quuen anns lace poll..> 08-Jun-2018 13:20 889K [IMG] Little blue flower s..> 30-Apr-2018 18:27 894K [IMG] cockroach wing 16x.png 18-May-2018 12:13 898K [IMG] misc wing 40x.png 06-May-2018 17:17 904K [IMG] trichome_2.png 26-May-2018 17:38 909K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 40x..> 23-Apr-2018 11:55 910K [IMG] tray.png 08-May-2018 14:13 911K [IMG] Misc tray.png 06-May-2018 17:16 914K [IMG] Dandelion stamen 40x..> 23-Apr-2018 11:13 925K [IMG] fly wing4 4x.png 12-May-2018 09:25 929K [IMG] Stinkbug_foot_10x_la..> 09-Apr-2018 12:33 932K [IMG] cockroach foot 40x.png 15-May-2018 09:52 935K [IMG] Morning glory pollen..> 27-Jun-2018 10:35 939K [IMG] Rainwater 40x PC.png 15-Apr-2018 14:58 942K [IMG] gnat wing tip 16x.png 19-Jul-2018 14:20 961K [IMG] Stinkbug antenna joi..> 10-Apr-2018 11:19 963K [IMG] water leaves 40x.png 02-Jun-2018 18:27 964K [IMG] chicory pistil 16x.png 26-Jun-2018 10:28 1.0M [IMG] lily pistil 40x.png 01-Jul-2018 14:57 1.0M [IMG] stinkbug_wingtip_4x_..> 09-Apr-2018 11:46 1.0M [IMG] Outer_wing_4x.png 10-Apr-2018 07:43 1.0M [IMG] honeysuckle_anther 4..> 20-May-2018 12:55 1.0M [IMG] trichome_3.png 26-May-2018 17:39 1.0M [IMG] stellate_trichome.png 26-May-2018 17:22 1.0M [IMG] gnat wing 40x.png 19-Jul-2018 12:49 1.0M [IMG] lily pistil 10x.png 01-Jul-2018 14:56 1.0M [IMG] lily pistil 16x.png 01-Jul-2018 14:56 1.0M [IMG] fly wing3 4x.png 12-May-2018 09:09 1.1M [IMG] salt 4x.png 20-Apr-2018 09:29 1.1M [IMG] fly wing2 16x.png 12-May-2018 09:09 1.1M [IMG] Mold spores 40x PC.png 15-Apr-2018 14:58 1.1M [IMG] moss 40x.png 01-Jul-2018 14:58 1.1M [IMG] queen annes lace.png 08-Jun-2018 13:19 1.1M [IMG] Epithelial 40x phase..> 15-Apr-2018 14:59 1.1M [IMG] Mold spores 40x Zeis..> 15-Apr-2018 14:58 1.2M [IMG] wasp_foot_10x_large.png 09-Apr-2018 12:33 1.3M [IMG] salt 40x.png 20-Apr-2018 09:29 1.3M [IMG] salt 10x.png 20-Apr-2018 09:28 1.4M [IMG] wasp_foot_20x_large.png 09-Apr-2018 12:34 1.4M [IMG] wasp_wing_Helicon.png 09-Apr-2018 10:56 1.5M [IMG] salt 20x.png 20-Apr-2018 09:28 1.7M [VID] First_Sighting.mp4 13-May-2018 13:08 46M [VID] Nest.mp4 13-May-2018 12:45 71M [VID] Onychodromos grandis..> 28-May-2018 14:27 72M [VID] Rotifer_May27.mp4 27-May-2018 18:55 73M [VID] Rotifer_May27_2018.mp4 27-May-2018 17:34 100M [VID] Rotifer.mp4 26-May-2018 17:28 111M [VID] Rotifers_hatching.mp4 31-May-2018 11:13 111M [VID] Stellate_trichome.mp4 26-May-2018 13:17 129M [VID] Rotifer_1.mp4 13-May-2018 20:43 140M [VID] Budding_maybe.mp4 26-May-2018 13:37 165M